Multiple URL Opener

    About Multiple Url Opener 

    Today, Seo experts are required to refer to hundreds of backlinks at one go. This ultimately raised the need for a tool that allows opening all URLs automatically. However, we have a Multiple Url Opener, which allows us to surf through different sites without the hassles of opening the URL manually.

    Guide To Use Multiple URL Opener

    The steps of using this tool are simple and free for everyone. All you need to have is a URL list; simply copy and paste it into the blank space of the web URL opener. 

    Now, hit the button of “Open All” given at the end of the tool.

    That’s it, and you’ll find all URLs in different tabs with just a single click. But ensure that you place the list of URLs correctly; every new link must be on the new line.

    Reasons For Using Web opener 

    • The key reason to use this link opener tool is that it requires no login or sign-in process and opens unlimited URLs without any usage limits.
    • A bulk URL opener is a one-stop solution for everyone who is keenly using the internet for multiple purposes at the same time.  
    • Web URL Opener generally works with most browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.
    • Furthermore users get an additional advantage of fewer advertisements with this tool, and thereby no distractions would disturb your work. 
    • An SEO expert is regularly dealing with too many websites at one go. Opening all multiple URLs with just one click makes their work simple and easygoing. 
    • Likewise, content writers often use numerous websites for research and analysis, and web URL openers ease down their work by simultaneously opening unlimited sites.  
    • Now, no more requirements for downloading extensions of the browser for searching URLs in bulk. 
      Ordinarily, to open so many URLs one after one makes a tedious and monotonous process. Usually, it requires opening a new tab for every new link; besides, this tool would do all the work of opening new sites in a single click, saving our time and effort.